Halo 1 Xbox Mods Page Updated

Halo Xbox Mod - The Fast and The Furious: Miami

I’ve just updated my Halo Modding page with download links for Map Packs and Mods, these files cover Halo 1 and 2 and are only available for the Xbox.

I’ll be adding Halo 2 Map Packs shortly as they’re uploading, and may update this with more Halo Modding related files in the future.

Check it out here

If you have Files/Utilities/Mods/Map Packs you would like to contribute or would like to request a change you can email me at [email protected].

Halo Reach Forge – A Halo Modding Inspired Editor?

Halo Reach - Forge World

Halo Reach - Forge World

Bungie recently took the wraps off the Forge editor at Comic Con for their upcoming title Halo Reach, it is a huge improvement over the previous version included with Halo 3, which was safe to say quite clunky and restrictive. It is now a very clean, very usable editor with fine-tuned controls and a better object collision system allowing for more control over objects and the way they interact with each other.

But what people may not know is that the Halo Community itself wanted this, a long time ago and what a group of hackers achieved in 2004 was a map editor for the original Halo (xBox) – all well before Halo 3’s in-game version which shipped September 25th 2007.

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Halo Reach Panoramas and Screenshots

Here are some Panoramas and Screenshots I took from Bungie’s recent Halo Reach Beta. Just a few I didn’t go too crazy with these. When the full game comes out I will take plenty! MjolnirTactics has some amazing full screen Panoramas that put mine to shame, and so does HaLo2FrEeEk which you can see at the end of the post.

Large Panorama of an Elite attacking a generator on the Halo Reach Beta map Overlook.

Panorama Elite Generator

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Bungie Moving Office or Expanding?

According to a new job posting over at bungie.net, there’s a new listing for a ‘Personal Assistant/Gopher’, this may not seem like big news but there is a little tid bit in there that is very interesting.

Poised, professional and mature-minded Assistant/Gopher needed to provide personal support to Studio Head and to assist in the coordination of a major office relocation/move. Duties will include running personal errands for Bungie’s Studio Head, providing transportation services (vehicle provided) and other duties, as needed. Office relocation/move tasks may include, but are not limited to, procuring equipment, supplies and services as needed.

Bungie Job posting

Now are Bungie planning on relocating from their current office in Kirkland, WA? Which was setup during Bungie’s era with Microsoft, or perhaps since their recent deal with Activision they are looking to expand with the recent cash injection to work on the ‘Next Big Title’.

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Halomods.com and The Halo Modding Future

I recently went to check in with the goings on over at Halomods.com and to my surprise I was greeted with this message

To the guys at rework3d and anyone else who was a fan of halomods.
I’ve decided to discontinue the site for reasons you can probably figure out yourself. If anyone is interested in taking over the domains and the rest of the site, send a message outlining your future plans for the domain\site to [email protected]. Whoever has the best plans for the site can have it. Deadline: 20 feb.


Now I knew there were some big changes that went on, there was a new domain and stuff but I was very shocked to see it complete down with everything gone!

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General Site Maintenance

Recently had time to look over the site and update a few things that were getting out of date, and generally cleaning a few things up for everything to carry on running along smoothly. The halo photography gallery now runs a beta version which has better SEO features such as permanent id’s, so it friendly for search engines which I have been experimenting with lately so we will see how that goes. I’ve also spend a bit of time creating accurate meta keywords, descriptions for pretty much all pages and also sitemaps to get Halo.Snaver.net up there in the search engine rankings! The site is currently 8 or 9th for the google search ‘Halo 3 Photography‘ which is pretty good going to be honest, hopefully start to push traffic with other search terms once the changes I’ve made start to take effect.

I hope to have a new site online for the release of ODST for users to upload screenshots or movies or whatever really, with features like uploading from desktop and also directly from bungie.net! also want to start pushing the site very hard at that time with a fresh new design and better hosting, or atleast for the databases which power the site which are starting to get fairly large!

That’s about it for now, for updates check here or just look around, i should be updating every so often now i hope!


Halo 2 Beta Gallery

All these images were captured and taken during the testing & development duration of Halo 2, these test are commonly referred to as the alpha or beta stages of the game. From these images you can see how certain features in the game evolved into the final product you play today, and some that didn’t make it but shipped with Halo 3.

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