Bungie Moving Office or Expanding?

According to a new job posting over at bungie.net, there’s a new listing for a ‘Personal Assistant/Gopher’, this may not seem like big news but there is a little tid bit in there that is very interesting.

Poised, professional and mature-minded Assistant/Gopher needed to provide personal support to Studio Head and to assist in the coordination of a major office relocation/move. Duties will include running personal errands for Bungie’s Studio Head, providing transportation services (vehicle provided) and other duties, as needed. Office relocation/move tasks may include, but are not limited to, procuring equipment, supplies and services as needed.

Bungie Job posting

Now are Bungie planning on relocating from their current office in Kirkland, WA? Which was setup during Bungie’s era with Microsoft, or perhaps since their recent deal with Activision they are looking to expand with the recent cash injection to work on the ‘Next Big Title’.

Bungie needs more space and they couldn’t find that in Kirkland – Kirkland’s Economic Development Manager Ellen Miller-Wolfe.

There were talk’s of this in 2008 and Halo.Bungie.org picked up on this as well as other news sources. It was reported then that they were purportedly moving ‘to a former movie cineplex in downtown Bellevue’ – Techflash.

So the move that has been in planning for a while now looks like it is finally coming to fruition! Just like moving house there is no perfect time to move, but with Halo3/ODST firmly out the door, and Reach development winding down would now be the perfect time to move everyone? Then again the other title Bungie is working on is surely in full swing.

Interesting time’s indeed for everyone involved at Bungie Studios!


Louis Wu just updated me 🙂

Heh – you wrote that as though it were a big mystery. 🙂

The move to Bellevue is public, and has been planned (as you pointed out)
for years. Their original intention was to be moved in this spring – but
they’ve been in crunch for months, and moving simply wasn’t an option.

They’ll be making the move once Reach goes gold; at that point, they’ll have
a little breathing space and will be able to afford the time and messiness
of a major move.

This has been discussed publicly on various forums over the past year or
two – nobody’s hiding anything, and there’s no real mystery. 🙂

(We never updated the news after that 2008 tidbit because there’s been no
real change in the plans since then…)

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