Halo 3 Modded Screenshots Uploaded

I just uploaded a bunch of Screenshots & Captures that were over at Halomods.com that show off some of the current Halo 3 Modifications going on at the moment, they’re pretty damn cool! Anthony has managed to locate the values in the 360 executable file that allows him to execute debug commands such as wireframe which you can see in the screenshots, Veegie has modified the game so that it allows him to play as an ODST Marine in the single player campaign which also looks very cool! Check out the custom melee animations also.

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H.S.N Photography Gallery Reaches 1000 Images!

Wow, so the Halo.Snaver.net Photography Gallery just reached over a 1,000 images which is quite impressive seeing as how the updated gallery only went live a little over 2 months ago. Alot of thanks must go to the users of the site and there continual uploading of awesome screenshots & images.

Remember if you’d like a gallery for youself just send me an email with a link to a few of your shots, and i’ll consider you for an account, email addresss to send your shots too is here.

Halo.Snaver.net – Halo Photography Gallery

Here’s a selection of some of the best shots we have so far, can you add to these?


Halo Renders & Projects Uploaded

I’ve just uploaded my collection of random renders of things that i’ve worked on in the past relating to halo. They’re mostly material & pose test renders with a few custom halo maps thrown in for good measure!


Website updated & Shoutout to CabooseJr

So i’ve been tinkering with Halo.Snaver.net today just updating, changing and fixing a few things.. some of you may notice while others may not, hope everything turns out ok. Just like to give a shout out to CabooseJr for his massive contribution to the gallery, he currently has 429 screenshots uploaded and is well on his way to 500 shots, so well done again! and keep up the good work!

Arby ‘n’ the Chief: Episode 11 – “Conflict”

Todd and Travis and whether or not you want them to be eliminated from the series. So go vote! (top-right corner)

Watch them here:



Halo.Snaver.net Photography Gallery Updated

Just thought i’d make a quick post to let you know i’ve completed the update of the old gallery to the fantastic Coppermine Photo Gallery with such an amazing feature set it really is an advancement over the old gallery, such as multiple upload feature for users & automatic generation of a variety of thumbnails. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out! Or if you’d like to request a gallery send me an email ‘contact-at-snaver.net