Halo 1 Xbox Mods Page Updated

Halo Xbox Mod - The Fast and The Furious: Miami

I’ve just updated my Halo Modding page with download links for Map Packs and Mods, these files cover Halo 1 and 2 and are only available for the Xbox.

I’ll be adding Halo 2 Map Packs shortly as they’re uploading, and may update this with more Halo Modding related files in the future.

Check it out here

If you have Files/Utilities/Mods/Map Packs you would like to contribute or would like to request a change you can email me at [email protected].

Halo 2 Beta Gallery

All these images were captured and taken during the testing & development duration of Halo 2, these test are commonly referred to as the alpha or beta stages of the game. From these images you can see how certain features in the game evolved into the final product you play today, and some that didn’t make it but shipped with Halo 3.

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