ImageMagick Plesk and open_basedir

PHPBecause of the way that ‘open_basedir’ works in restricting everything some things that you access file system wise in code, it will restrict you also in using programs such as ImageMagick , or in applications that may use it such as Coppermine Gallery or Menalto Gallery.

To fix this you need to either turn off openbase_dir or make it so that the PHP running on the target domain can access the directory where ImageMagick resides. First you need to modify your vhost.conf, you can see examples of modifying/changing/reloading this config file here.

php_admin_value open_basedir /var/www/vhosts/

Above you can see the line of code that needs to be added, the first two options ‘/var/www/vhosts/’ and ‘/tmp’ are the default running settings (restricting things), so when defining the value of the open_basedir you need to re-declare these two. The third path allows our PHP to access that folder when running, and so can now access ImageMagick etc, along with a lot of other things.. Security risk perhaps, but at least it works for now.

I’ll look into a more secure method, please comment if you can suggest/add anything to this topic.

Coppermine Tag Cloud on the Home Page

Coppermine gallery is a great piece of software, as of version 1.5.3 RC it has the ability to display ‘tags’ on the search page of your gallery and then you can click on one of those tags to display all pictures that have been assigned with that specific keyword. To see what i mean, see bellow:

Coppermine Tag Cloud

And when you click through from one of the keywords you should see:

Coppermine Search Tag Cloud - BruteSo that’s great, but the tags are hidden away on the search page, wouldn’t it be great to show these on the home page somewhere? Luckily is relatively simple to achieve.

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General Site Maintenance

Recently had time to look over the site and update a few things that were getting out of date, and generally cleaning a few things up for everything to carry on running along smoothly. The halo photography gallery now runs a beta version which has better SEO features such as permanent id’s, so it friendly for search engines which I have been experimenting with lately so we will see how that goes. I’ve also spend a bit of time creating accurate meta keywords, descriptions for pretty much all pages and also sitemaps to get up there in the search engine rankings! The site is currently 8 or 9th for the google search ‘Halo 3 Photography‘ which is pretty good going to be honest, hopefully start to push traffic with other search terms once the changes I’ve made start to take effect.

I hope to have a new site online for the release of ODST for users to upload screenshots or movies or whatever really, with features like uploading from desktop and also directly from! also want to start pushing the site very hard at that time with a fresh new design and better hosting, or atleast for the databases which power the site which are starting to get fairly large!

That’s about it for now, for updates check here or just look around, i should be updating every so often now i hope!

Peace! Photography Gallery Updated

Just thought i’d make a quick post to let you know i’ve completed the update of the old gallery to the fantastic Coppermine Photo Gallery with such an amazing feature set it really is an advancement over the old gallery, such as multiple upload feature for users & automatic generation of a variety of thumbnails. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out! Or if you’d like to request a gallery send me an email ‘