How to Disable Facebook’s People You May Know Feature

People You May Know / Suggested Friends

People You May Know / Suggested Friends

I’ve found Facebook’s People you may know ‘Feature’ a tad annoying to say the least, suggesting people I dont want to befriend because let’s face it, if I had wanted them as friends they would already be friends right? Facebook you’re not that smart yet I’m afraid! Plus you may just get fed up staring at the same old faces!

After searching for a while on Google I found a couple of groups on Facebook (Ironic) and read a few blog articles, however it soon became obvious that most of the workarounds don’t work anymore, so I had a think and here’s my little hack to disable this feature.

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Removing Google Browser Sync

Now that the Google Browser Sync has been discontinued I bet you’re wondering just how to get rid of all that data the mighty googleplex holds about you? Right? Well I sure was and went trudging around the internets looking at ways to get rid of this data stored on the servers.

After much googling I found.. Well not alot on how to exactly get rid of this data, so for those of you wondering here’s a little howto: » Read more…