Removing Google Browser Sync

Now that the Google Browser Sync has been discontinued I bet you’re wondering just how to get rid of all that data the mighty googleplex holds about you? Right? Well I sure was and went trudging around the internets looking at ways to get rid of this data stored on the servers.

After much googling I found.. Well not alot on how to exactly get rid of this data, so for those of you wondering here’s a little howto:

First off you’ll want to sign into the google account manager located here and it should show the Browser Sync listed with all your other google products.

Once you’ve done this you need to select edit right at the top next to the ‘My Products’ text. Once on the next page you should see a list of products that you can remove the data for, you should see ‘Delete Browser Sync‘ in the list and so select that.

You will then be greated by a conformation screen asking you to confirm that you do wish to delete the browser sync data, you’ll have to check the box ‘Are you sure you want to delete Browser Sync’ and confirmYes, I want to permanently remove Browser Sync from my Google account”

You’ll then be greated by the conformation screen that your data has been succesfully removed.

And thats it’s! I may update this post with the required information on how to remove the local data held on your computer at a later date when I get around to looking into it! Saying that ofcourse this wont remove your data straight away as everything held on Google’s servers is backed up indefientaly so its hard to say when if ever the data shall be wiped from their servers, but that’s another thing i’ve yet to look into to!

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