Display Geo location Map on Page Load Geolocation WordPress Plugin

I recently installed the Geolocation WordPress Plugin on one of my private blogs to allow me to Geotag my posts with a location from wherever I might have been at the time of posting. The main feature that really stood out for me was the ability to Geotag posts using the WordPress iOS app, when writing a post from my iPhone I could Geo tag that post accurately using my phones built in GPS capabilities.

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Hide Dreamweaver CS4 / CS5 File View Columns

Adobe Dreamweaver LogoWant to hide certain Dreamweaver CS4 / CS5 file view columns? For example the columns ‘local files’, ‘size’, ‘type’, ‘modified’ and ‘checked out by’? I couldn’t find anything on the net about this so thought I’d stick a blog post up.

The ability to do this is hidden away, not in the preferences and may not be immediately obvious.

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A Touch-Optimized BBC News Website for Smartphones

I recently had an idea while using the BBC News iOS app. On my original iPhone 3g (Now quite old I must admit) in my experiences it ran pretty horribly, was slow to load and seemed to choke up when scrolling through the different news categories.

I use the BBC’s mobile website as well and thought there was a need for something in the middle, between the old school mobile version of the BBC News website and the modern iOS app. It would need be graphically pleasing, fast, platform independent and suitable for touch screen devices but can still be accessed via a web browser, not by using a proprietary ‘app’.

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Applying jCarousel to ajax Loaded Content

If you’re working with jQuery and the jQuery plugin jCarousel you may have come across this problem if you try to implement jCarousel on an element where the elements childs aren’t present at page load.

What I was trying to do was to apply jCarousel to a <ul> element and have the <li> element be loaded in via Ajax after the page had finished loading. As a rough example of my markup:

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Working with E2Save’s Affiliate CSV/XML Data Feeds

Recently I’ve been working on a web project for a client that required me to work with e2save, specifically their affiliate scheme. E2save (Which is part of the Carphone Warehouse) provide data feeds via their White Label affiliate scheme, the data contained in these feeds relate to everything you see on the current website – Phones, Tariffs, Gifts etc.

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Incorporating a WYSIWYG Editor into your Wolf CMS Plugin

I recently completed a project for a client that ran on Wolf CMS which is based on Frog CMS. For this project I had to code several plugins from scratch to achieve varying goals.

One thing I came across that hasn’t been documented yet is how to include a WYSIWYG editor for your textarea’s that the system uses. There are several available for editing of pages including TinyMCE, Markdown text filter and the Textile text filter. Now how exactly to use and incorporate these in your plugin?

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