Changing Flashfxp’s Default Text Editor to Notepad++

I’m a big fan of Notepad++ its a great advanced yet very simple IDE for simple and quick edits when you need it to. If you’ve ever used or are using Flashfxp then you’ll know it’s a great application and works very well for ftp’ing files! However when it comes to quick edits to your sites files (PHP for example) it really lets itself down. But what if you could combine these two great programs i here you ask? Well if you read on I’ll explain exactly how!

Above you can see the default editor for files (Not sure if this is windows wordpad/notepad or flashfxp custom app) Would you prefer something like this below?

To set this all up first off you’ll need both programs installed obviously, then you’ll want to load up Flashfxp, from there select option’s from the ‘toolbar’ and then ‘File Associations’ and you should be greeted by the following screen.

Now on your screen it shouldn’t list any associations but as mine is already setup you can see my custom association, you’ll want to click ‘add’ to add a new file assoiction. Once you’ve clicked that you should see the dialogue box bellow

You’ll need to fill out the following details for the assocition to take place:

The ‘File Mask’ section is where you enter which extensions you want to open using notepad++ so for example if you wanted to edit php file you’d enter ‘*.php’ The star before the dot means that any given file name with the extension .php will be associated with Notepad++ in Flashfxp, so that when you view or edit php files Notepad++ will be used instead of the default text editor.

Then ‘Open With’ section needs to be filled out you’ll want to enter or browse to your notepad++ install directory which for me is located at here ‘C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe’

Then check the boxes ‘Viewing’ & ‘Editing’ ok the dialog box and you should be brought back to the File Associations options page with your newly created rule, ok this box and you’re all setup to start using notepad++ to edit files, enjoy! If you’ve any problems or this doesn’t work for you, just post a comment and i’ll get back to you ASAP.

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  1. Manoel says:

    instead of “*.php” you could use “*.*” for all files. Just once and there you go.

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