Halo 1 Conversion Pack

A collection of Xbox Single Player and Halo Custom Edition conversions to Xbox Halo Multiplayer supporting all game types.

We all worked very hard together to get the maps supporting all game types and with all kinks worked out. Thanks to everyone for your patience while we got this Pack to the best that it could be. Now run HMPi and enjoy!

Maps created by the original modders and listed in the map menu.Thanks to all of your hard work on these maps and for the permision to include them in this pack.


  • Rampage
    • Author: anyone
  • The Maw – Final Run
    • Author: Team Killer
  • Truth – Beyond The Darkness
    • Author: pokecancer
  • The Betrayal
    • Author: pokecancer
  • Heat v3
    • Author: (GT)Juggler
  • HangarX v2
    • Author: (GT)Juggler
  • The Library 2
    • Author: The Swamp Fox
  • Halo 2
    • Author: The Swamp Fox
  • Silent Cartographer
    • Author: The Swamp Fox
  • The Reactor Room
    • Author: The Swamp Fox
  • Frozen Canyon
    • Author: Spammy/Martijn Gelissen
  • Xbox CE Tutorial
    • Author: ViperNeo
  • New Mombasa Classic
    • Author: ViperNeo



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