Incorporating a WYSIWYG Editor into your Wolf CMS Plugin

I recently completed a project for a client that ran on Wolf CMS which is based on Frog CMS. For this project I had to code several plugins from scratch to achieve varying goals.

One thing I came across that hasn’t been documented yet is how to include a WYSIWYG editor for your textarea’s that the system uses. There are several available for editing of pages including TinyMCE, Markdown text filter and the Textile text filter. Now how exactly to use and incorporate these in your plugin?

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Missing xgettext Program Linux

If you’re in the business of translating text and coding websites you’ll most probably at some point be needing the utility called ‘xgettext’ but if it is not installed on your system you will need to install the entire set of tools called gettext from GNU.

If you’re on a CentOS system or equivalent and have yum installed simply run

yum install gettext

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dd_belatedpng is undefined – IE6 Javascript Error

I’ve started using DD_belatedPNG to fix transparent PNG’s in Internet Explorer 6 for my Web Design Projects. However I had this little error occurring on each page load:

dd_belatedpng is undefined

The problem was that I had included the script:

<!–[if lt IE 7 ]>
<script src=”/globals/js/dd_belatedpng.js”></script>
<script> DD_belatedPNG.fix(‘img, .png_bg’); //fix any <img> or .png_bg background-images </script>

In the <head> area of my code, essentially triggering straight away – what you need to do is include the above script just before your closing </body> tag and everything should be fine!

Your Internet Explorer 6 sites now look that tiny bit better!

PHP JSON Module Install on a CentOS 5 Server

So I was messing around with jQuery‘s new little piece of sex – the jQuery Mobile Framework, when bam!

Call to undefined function json_decode() in /var/www/server/path/secret/h4x.php on line 56

Oh no! My PHP skills have failed me so I thought. But alas I had not made this magical mystical function up, it is of course a PHP Module, and soon to be included in PHP 5.2

After a quick bit of googling I came across an excellent tutorial for installing the said module, however I then ran into another problem after trying to execute ‘pecl install json’.

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Web Design Great Yarmouth

I now offer Web Design and Development services to Small/Medium Sized Businesses, Individuals and Charities in Great Yarmouth and the surrounding area’s including Norfolk.

Freelance PHP, MySQL and Javascript development is my specialty and I can take on most projects with ease. Check out my Freelance page for more information and how you can contact me.

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CSS3 Implemented Correctly –

I noticed today while viewing my profile that they are utilizing some of new CSS3 properties that are starting to make an appearance on the web. They have been very clever and only use these properties aesthetically in their design as to not break the design layout in Internet Explorer (Of which no current support is available for CSS3 in any of Microsoft’s released browsers).

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Install, Remove and Update Applications Plesk and Virtuozzo Power Panel

On the eUKhost blog, they just posted a new article about Virtuozzo Power Panel that comes with most of their VPS servers. The Power Panel is a great piece of kit and I’ve been intending on writing a little blog post for a while about how easy it is to use, not only for the features listed in the eUKhost blog but more aimed towards the ease of installing programs and applications at the operating system level (CentOS in my case).

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jQuery Validation Plugin – form.submit()

jQuery Logo

Got pretty frustrated with this today, playing around with jQuery’s Validation plugin and had it all setup nicely, then I noticed once everything was validated I couldn’t submit the form.. Odd!

No errors in Firefox/Chrome so switched over to good old Internet Explorer which produced this error message:

Webpage error details

Message: Object doesn’t support this property or method
Line: 33
Char: 4
Code: 0

Message: Object doesn’t support this property or method
Line: 33
Char: 4
Code: 0

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ImageMagick Plesk and open_basedir

PHPBecause of the way that ‘open_basedir’ works in restricting everything some things that you access file system wise in code, it will restrict you also in using programs such as ImageMagick , or in applications that may use it such as Coppermine Gallery or Menalto Gallery.

To fix this you need to either turn off openbase_dir or make it so that the PHP running on the target domain can access the directory where ImageMagick resides. First you need to modify your vhost.conf, you can see examples of modifying/changing/reloading this config file here.

php_admin_value open_basedir /var/www/vhosts/

Above you can see the line of code that needs to be added, the first two options ‘/var/www/vhosts/’ and ‘/tmp’ are the default running settings (restricting things), so when defining the value of the open_basedir you need to re-declare these two. The third path allows our PHP to access that folder when running, and so can now access ImageMagick etc, along with a lot of other things.. Security risk perhaps, but at least it works for now.

I’ll look into a more secure method, please comment if you can suggest/add anything to this topic.