The Halo 2 Hidden Tombstone Pistol Egg

Louis Wu – Halo.Bungie.Org

“The first egg appeared on Tombstone yesterday morning – descriptions of the item were followed quickly by pictures of it in use; we should be clear that modding is required to hold this item, and it’s not actually usable (in the form it appears).”

RVideo – HBO Forums

“Im just copying and pasting what i already typed out over on H3F

My findings on the H1 Pistol in Tombstone:

A) It is located in the locker above the overshield (not discovered by me.)

B) This is only a model, which means that it has no special attributes or projectiles, apparently not even a collision model. It is NOT in the map’s Item Collection (itmc).

C) The only way I was able to generate the below panorama was to swap models for the magnum. This is essentially the magnum weapon with the “shell” (model) for the H1 Pistol (cosmetic mod)

D) I was not able to ‘pick up’ the H1 Pistol from inside the locker

E) There appears to be no first person model for the H1 Pistol. What this means is that you will only be able to see other’s wielding it: To you, your own weapon will appear to be just a magnum from FPP. Note that I may have missed the FPM for the H1 Pistol, I just didnt see any such model, property or other tag to handle this.”

Following images captured by Snave.

Following images provided by xheadshotmastax.

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