This is one of the many reasons why Hotmail sucks

They can’t even do HTTPS correctly. Domains like this won’t even work as the certificate is only valid for the following names:

* , * , , , , , , , ,

And then if you do eventually get through to a domain which doesn’t give you an SSL error you will be greeted with the following message

Why Hotmail Fails - HTTPS

Why Hotmail Fails - HTTPS

Those choices ultimately seem futile as I’m sure you will end up breaking access somewhere down the road. This is a lot more fuss than say, Google’s implementation?

3 responses to “This is one of the many reasons why Hotmail sucks”

  1. hotmail says:

    i get this error all the time so i hate hotmail now
    i’m sure its because i have an ad blocking program that doesn’t let their crap load
    i used to like hotmail but it sucks now !!!!

    We’ve updated Windows Live Hotmail, so please refresh your browser or close it and sign in again. If you are composing a message, make sure you save it as a draft.

  2. mungo says:

    as of jan 16, 2012 the problem still happens with Win7 and IE9 current maintenance

  3. sarah says:

    is there any way to go back to the old hotmail it updated mine without asking and now i just want to punch my screen it is so frustrating

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