Viking Direct Shady Stock Level Tactics

So today I’ve been on the hunt for a monitor stand for my desk, I finally decided on the one I wanted (A cheap and cheerful Allsop Metal Corner Monitor Stand) Viking Direct seemed to have a pretty good deal going selling the stand for a reasonable £21.89 so I added it to my ‘Shopping Trolly’ as they so nicely put it. So with my virtual cash in my semi-virtual hand I went to pay.

Excellent product found, ready for my purchase!

However, upon completely registering with viking handing over most of my private data that I’d only wish certain companies to see such as my Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Company Name and Address they then inform me that the product in question is actually out of stock! Lovely.

And now when I view the said product page it displays slightly differently. So they’re either:

After registration a slightly different screen, see the difference? Same computer different browser and not logged in.

Using shady techniques like this to snare customer details is just plain wrong and it has left a sour taste in my mouth about this company for sure.

Not cool Viking, not cool.

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