Setup mIRC 7.14 To Autojoin Servers and Channels – mIRC Script

Below is a script that will run when when mIRC first starts, and should allow you to auto join IRC servers and their corresponding channels that you specify. You place the script in the Scripts Editor, to access this window press and hold the ALT key along with the letter ‘R’.

mIRC Script Editor

on *:start: {
/nick Snave
/server -m
on *:CONNECT: {
if ($network = gamesurge) {
/join #citrus
if ($network = freenode) {
/join #pyrocms


The script is pretty much self explanatory, first it sets your nickname, then joins two servers Freenode and Gamesurge. If there is a successful connect then it will issue the ‘/join’ command to join the channels you specify.

Simply chop and change this script as you see fit to join the severs/channels you wish to join.

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