Install, Remove and Update Applications Plesk and Virtuozzo Power Panel

On the eUKhost blog, they just posted a new article about Virtuozzo Power Panel that comes with most of their VPS servers. The Power Panel is a great piece of kit and I’ve been intending on writing a little blog post for a while about how easy it is to use, not only for the features listed in the eUKhost blog but more aimed towards the ease of installing programs and applications at the operating system level (CentOS in my case).

To access the panel you need your servers ip address and then you can access it via your web browser like so:

Under the Packages tab you can see the list of applications that are available to your server, an example of which can be seen bellow.

From this screen you can Install, Update and Remove programs from your server at your discretion. Handy if you need to install, remove or even update programs like Perl, Plesk API common files, awstats, nano text editor etc.

For those not familiar with the command line of UNIX, this is a god send.

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