the.pacific.i.720p-dimension RAR Archive Password

Its annoying when these people keep password protect these files that I download.. So you don’t have to complete the surveys they make you fill out, which earns these people money I may ad. So here is the password for the.pacific.i.720p-dimension.rar:



For those looking for passwords to the other episodes here’s a list of ones that I know of (Thanks to those people that have commented with the passwords!) If you have the other passwords just comment and I’ll add them to the list.

Episode 1 – I – the.pacific.i.720p-dimension


Episode 2 – II – *


Episode 3 – III – *


Episode 4 – IV – *


Episode 5 – VI – *


Episode 6 – VI – *


Episode 7 – VII – the.pacific.vii.720p-dimension


Episode 8 – VIII – *


26 responses to “the.pacific.i.720p-dimension RAR Archive Password”

  1. T. Hanks says:

    THanks dude, it’s very annoying indeed!

  2. Livardo says:

    Jesus, thanks a lot. I downloaded the passworded shit by mistake and here I am trying to fill out these bullshit surveys. I opened up an instance of VMWare to make sure I wasn’t getting virused. I should’ve done a search first.

  3. Jeroen says:

    Thanx! and yes, it is annoying! google is your best friend!

  4. anemicfrog says:

    Thanks a lot, like you said itis very frustrating.

    Thanks again

  5. dave63 says:

    Thanks a lot mate!

  6. John says:

    Cheers bud!!!!!!!

  7. Bam says:

    Finally !!!… your the best m8.. Keep it up !! šŸ˜€
    Stupid idiots with all thos passwords and viruses!..

    Wicked job!..


  8. John H says:

    Yep thanks mate. I have just wasted 10 minutes on the site only for it to still not give me the password. Ass wipes.

  9. mart says:

    thankyou for being so generous with your time

  10. james21 says:

    Cheers mate!

  11. Rob says:

    just d/l’ed part 7 with a password, filename is the.pacific.vii.720p-dimension
    Password for this one is…

  12. And_or says:

    thanks Rob, d/l’ed the damn thing 3 times but episode 7 was all b’shit passworded…
    good job, now I can finally watch it

  13. Patt says:

    Hey Guys, I just downloaded The Pacific I+II+III+IV+V+VI+VII+VIII

    But no passwords, the site of the passwords doesnt work anymore :/

    I got:
    I: comedy
    II: ?
    III: ?
    IV: ?
    V: ?
    VI: ?
    VII: rift
    VIII: ?

  14. Paul says:

    Anyone know the password for episode 8…..

    Fed up with the F****** surveys

    Thanks in advance

  15. Paul says:

    Anyone have a password for episode 8?

  16. Patt says:

    Sorry, The last post was not totally correct,
    I need the passwords for The Pacific II & V

    Who can help me, please?

  17. Patt says:

    If you guys are downloading with Usenet, I found all 8 episodes, but only on the episodes 1,2 & 5 were passwords, I know the pass for episode 1, but need the passwords for the episodes 2 & 5.

    You can download your .nzb files from here:

    All 720p and all parts were OK (checked with quickpar).

    So I still need 2 more passwords (II & V)
    Help please?

  18. Patt says:

    Got one (found on google) for episode V, but didnt work for me, maybe for someone else?

    Pass: areg

  19. docmeth02 says:

    password for part VIII is: dumb

  20. Paul says:

    Cheers docmeth02….nice one

  21. AndyRous says:

    password ‘areg’ is not correct for episode 5
    Does somebody knows the correct password ?

  22. edpisoe passwd says:

    Episode X for dimension – paaswd= chimp

  23. bigal says:

    If you use to search for nzb files they show whether or not a password is required (and it’s free to use)

  24. Reve says:

    Try this link for passwords for this an other series

  25. Reve says:

    1 – comedy
    2 – chin — fat
    3 –
    4 –
    5 – racked
    6 –
    7 – rift
    8 – dumb
    9 – spring
    10 – “chimp” or “spring”
    8 –

  26. sevaf says:

    password for pert II not correct šŸ™
    Somebody has the correct one ???

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