Rage Against The Machine – UK 2009 Xmas No 1

I’ve decided to re-direct the RATM.co.uk website to this blog post, which I can easily keep up to date with the latest information and News relating to the 2009 Christmas Number 1. I’ll be outlining what went on, who was involved and the outcome.

If you have any questions about what went on, the domain www.ratm.co.uk or just want to contact me you  can at [email protected].

The whole compaign was started by two people – John and Tracy Morter, it all started off with a Facebook Group and the Rage Against The Machine track – Killing in the Name in retaliation to the X Factor winner Joe McElderry

I decided to help out by registering the domain and updating the website daily with new information and how you could help out! Becuase of the huge amount of traffic and interested generated, the Facebook page was unable to cope and was unavailable on a lot of occasions, so this was my main motivation for putting the site online, to spread the message and the fact I thought there should be a place other than Facebook to find out information.

Needless to say the site never went offline, which was down to some clever coding and caching techniques..

Here’s what they had to say after Rage had successfully reached No1.



We all should be incredibly proud of what we have achieved on this group. We’ve shouted that we’ve had enough of a dull Christmas chart every year and given it a complete shot in the arm for many years to come.

We can also be very proud in our fundraising for SHELTER.
Over £83,000 (at time of writing) and still counting is an amazing feat for just a humble facebook group
The link is here http://www.justgiving.com/ratm4xmas and we DON’T want to stop giving…so let’s see how much we can get!

Where do we go from here? Well first of all this group is now as good as a historical document. It’s made money…it’s broken 2 chart sales records…and it’s made HISTORY

Secondly, it’s given many others hope that the singles chart really is for everybody in this country of all ages, shapes, and sizes…and maybe re-ignited many people’s passion for the humble old single as well as THAT excitement again in actually tuning in to the chart countdown on a Sunday.

Lastly…many of you have asked us about next year…what are we going to do? Well for us two the answer is quite simple…we won’t

How can you top this? To put one of your favourite bands, with one of your all-time favourite tracks at the top of the Christmas chart? Well in our opinion you can’t. So officially here, we’ll offer to support others if they fancy a go like we did…but we won’t attempt to top the Christmas chart again. It’s now been done..and bloody well if you ask us…

J & T x

RATM.co.uk webpage archive shot

RATM.co.uk webpage when it was live

Above you can see how the website looked as of 11th February 2010, and bellow you can see the original text.

Are you getting fed up about the possibility of ANOTHER X-Factor Christmas No.1? …us too…so we’re going to do something about it!

We are all buying a download of ‘KILLING IN THE NAME‘ by RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE right NOW! until the end of Saturday 19th December (23:59pm).To find out what’s going on Bookmark This Page and stay in the loop OR spread the word by clicking on one of the links on the right. Check out Live Hits for 24 hour tracking of the UK music downloads and see how we’re getting on!

News is spreading quickly now into the main stream British media and is being featured everywhere online and on news channels check them out here BBC, ITV, Guardian, Telegraph. I would think newspappers will be next!


  • Q: So how do we do this then?
    • Take your pick(s) of the digital providers below. It should take you to the page where you can purchase your copy of KILLING IN THE NAME. in most cases it’s track#2 but check before you click!
  • Q: Why have you used shortened links?
    • It gives us a ROUGH idea of how we are doing on sales. I can get a click count this way
  • Q: But there’s other websites now offering RAGE for Xmas links?
    • Yes, but these links right here were created by the creators of the whole campaign themselves. They are not ‘affiliate’ links so therefore nobody gets any sort of ‘commision’. You don’t need to go anywhere else.
  • Q: When do i buy ‘Killing In The Name’?
    • NOW until Saturday 19th December at 23:59pm
  • Q: Can I buy loads of downloads?
    • In a nutshell no. If the Chart company see unusual selling patterns they can ignore the bulk purchases or worse still remove the track completely. As admin I cannot be seen to encourage this


read- http://bit.ly/dontbuyloads (interesting from James)
read- http://bit.ly/lessonlearnt (BBC news article)

Price Comparison Web Site here

Got any spare change in your account? We’re collecting for SHELTER. If everyone in our group donates £1…we’ll have raised over HALF A MILLION pounds! Not bad for a facebook group



Some of the media coverage: Facebook Group, Backup Facebook Group, Digg Submission, Twitter, Youtube, BBC News, ITV News, Guardian, Telegraph.
Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name Live on BBC Radio 5 Live Video (Thanks too spni )

BBC forced to apologise for ratm.co.uk swearing live on radio.

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