Installing Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection Windows 7

I’ve finally installed Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection after much frustration and trying for DAYS to install on Windows 7 without success. I’ve been running Windows 7 for a couple of months now with-out a hitch, this is the first problem I have personally come across with the system. When I ran the CS4 installer it was giving me this error message:

“setup has encountered an error and cannot continue. contact adobe customer support for assistance”

Now after much googling and searching the adobe support forums I was at a lost until I decided to look for the adobe log files, which are located at “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers” there you should find files named “Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection 4.0 mm-dd-yyyy.log” inside these files it will detail why the installer failed (Slightly more informative than the error message the installer provides I’m sure you’re all thinking).

After looking through the file I came across this entry:

“Property(S): MyPicturesFolder = D:\Pictures\”

Now we’re getting somewhere, the installer was failing (for me) because I had previously (months ago) changed the location of most of Windows 7’s My Documents folder, folders like Pictures, Documents, Music etc I store on a seperate partition away from my OS install. It seems like a pretty lame error to trip the installer up, but in my case it was causing the issue.

To resolve this issue I assumed that this reference must be coming from the Windows registry and so did a find for “D:\” and low and behold there were old references for this location under some of the entries (sorry I can’t remember specific ones as I changed everything at once lol). After this everything worked ok, the installer went all the way through, and now I have CS4 on my Windows 7 machine.

Very happy 🙂

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