Using SMS2Mail with Gmail

I recently freed my iphone using one of the popular jailbreak methods that are floating around on the internet, and because of this you can then use applications that are not certified for use by apple (Aka apps from the community). Of the couple of apps i downloaded one useful app I found was SMS2Mail

SMS2Mail allows you to organize, backup, and forward your SMS messages from your iPhone to any email account, and i decided to set it up to use my gmail account to backup my settings using SMTP, however i ran into a problem! It kept giving me an error just saying it failed to send, basically i believe it was to do with the browser secure https setting that i was using in gmail, i simply selected ‘Don’t always use https’ and this allowed me to use this application, hopefully it can be of some use to other people! As i couldn’t find anything myself online for this problem.

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