Halo.Snaver.net Now W3C Strict

So I decided to take the the time to make sure that Halo.Snaver.net was up to current web standards and would render correctly on the majority of browsers out there, so I ran the site through the excellent tools over at  W3.org and found that there were a few errors (around 20 or so) and set about fixing them, it didn’t take long and was pretty worth it in the end I have to say.

Here’s an excellent article that describes in great detail all about website validation that i learnt alot from, so go check it out!


2 responses to “Halo.Snaver.net Now W3C Strict”

  1. V0Lt4Ge says:

    What type of fixes did you have to do?

  2. admin says:

    Mainly to do with DIV tags, plus there was abit of code that was used incorrectly apparently 😡 I thought it was going to be harder, but it was surprisingly easy to achieve.

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